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Cured Case of Wheezing
Patient : David Maridass, Dr Veena has handful of experience and was accurate in treating my wheezing issues. I took treatment for the prescribed periods and do not have wheezing any more since 2 years after taking treatment from her. My Wife who has disbelief in alternative treatment has shifted to homeopathy now. I would really recommend to visit her if anyone likes to opt for alternative treatment other than allopathy.
Cured Case of Skin Problem
Patient : Leher, My Daughter is taking medication from Dr Veena for her skin problems. Its been a month and i must admit that we have noticed a drastic change in her condition. We had tried several form of medication for my daughter but nothing worked , but this time, i am sure she is gonna be cured of her problems (which she is facing from past 4 years) under Dr Veena guidance and medication. Definitely recommend her for all your problems.
Cured Case of Allergies
Patient : Medha Hegde, For about 15 years I suffered from chronic allergy. I had these allergies only when i went to my native and when i would come back here in Dubai, i used to be absolute fine. I tried many kinds of medication, but nothing could cure me. I stared consulting Dr Veena in 2018 and all thanks to her treatment I'm absolutely fine now. She has done a miracle for me and since then many of our acquaintances have also been consulting They all to now share the same opinion.
Cured Case of Allergy Rhinitis
Patient : Nuzhat Haidary, I took an appointment with Dr Veena after attending a zoom session recently in august for my son who has allergic rhinitis and now its been three weeks and my son has shown such positive improvements. Would like to recommend her for all kinds of homeopathy treatments and her treatment are doing wonders.
Cured Case of Bronchiectasis
Patient : Sharmila Mukherjee, I am a patient of Bronchiectasis and suffering from prolong cough & cold along with fever. Had gone through several hospitals and pulmonary treatment including but nothing really work. Recently consulted with Dr Veena , for the same within couple of months i could see that her homeopathy treatment has not only improvised my health condition also i am having limited cough and cold with no fever at all.
Uzma Shaikh daughter got releif with the help of Dr Veena's Homeopathic Treatment

I have been too many doctors for the same treatment for my daughter, didn’t get a proper treatment anywhere. But here quality of care was excellent. Dr Veena is  a highly experienced, polite, Friendly. Got a perfect treatment thanks Dr veena. I highly recommend Dr Veena.